3 Steps to Making Better Coffee at Home.

3 Steps to Making Better Coffee at Home.

Feb 23, 2021Jacob Dinardo
Getting a café experience at home can be a tricky task. Following these simple steps will help you progress on your journey to becoming a home barista.

Step 1 - Buy fresh coffee. Coffee, like many other foods, goes stale over time. While it is safe to brew old coffee, the optimal window for brewing is between 3-30 days after roast. You wouldn't buy stale bread at the store every week. Always look for a roast date on the bag.

Step 2 - Grind your own coffee. Coffee loses almost all its flavor within 48 hours of grinding and 60% of its aroma within 15 minutes of grinding. Grinding coffee at home will help keep all the flavor in your cup.

Step 3 - Taste your water. Is it something you enjoy drinking? Does it taste like you took a sip of minerals or chlorine? Then you likely need to use filtered or purified water. Depending on what brew method you use, coffee is anywhere between 60-97% water. Since water is the largest component of the drink, it should be no surprise that it has a large impact on the flavor. If you want better coffee, use better water.

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