Every decision we make as a business impacts our community and our planet, so we don't take decisions lightly. At Arrowroot Coffee Co, we take several steps to offset our environmental impact, and we are always seeking new ways to be environmentally friendly. 

Oat Milk as the default — All of our lattes come default with oat milk. Why? First, because it's delicious! (Don't believe us? Try it for yourself!) But even more importantly, oat milk is a great environmentally-friendly alternative to cow's milk. Compared to dairy production, oat milk production uses 1/10th of the land and creates 60% less carbon emissions. The oat milk we use is also shelf stable which helps reduce emissions from refrigeration on storage and transport.

Electric Roasting — We roast our coffee on a fully electric roaster to reduce fossil fuel consumption. Roasting on a fully electric roaster can reduce carbon emissions by up to 87%. We believe electric roasting is the future of coffee and have some exciting plans in the works to make our roasting even more sustainable. Stay tuned!

Solar Brewing  Starting in 2024 we are in the process of converting our coffee trailer to run on solar power. Our goal is to have the entire trailer powered by solar by the end of the year. 

Compostable Packaging — Our coffee bags feature a unique plant-based lining instead of the traditional plastic lining. Plant-based packaging is important because we can continue to grow and harvest the necessary materials, rather than consuming finite fossil fuels that increase carbon emissions. As a bonus, after you've finished the bag of coffee, the plant-based packaging breaks down faster than traditional plastic. For detailed info about our bags check out this info on biotre.

Frequently asked question

We deliver Tuesday through Saturday every week. If your order was placed by 5 pm it will be delivered within the following two business days. Orders placed between 5 pm Thursday and 5 pm Sunday will be delivered the following Tuesday. Orders that require shipping will be mailed within the same timeframe as local delivery.

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If you live within 15 miles of Springfield, IL you're covered for Local Delivery.  If you live anywhere outside that radius we've got you too! Your order will be shipped and delivered to your door by a fantastic postal service worker. If you're right on the edge and not sure, no worries! Just enter your address at checkout and our site will automatically determine if your address is eligible for Local Delivery.

The coffee we purchase goes a step beyond fair trade. When we source our green coffee, we make sure that the price we pay is enough for the farmer who grew it to make a living wage. This means looking at the economic information available for each country we buy our beans from and making fair purchasing decisions based on that information. All of our beans are purchased in a way that treats the farmers fairly. 

Some of the coffees we purchase are certified organic but we as a roastery are not. All of the coffee we puchase is 100% arabica specialty grade coffee. That puts it in the top 5% of all coffee produced globally each year.