About Us

At Arrowroot, our goal is to bring you excellent coffee in a way that is sustainable for our planet and coffee farmers.

For Our Planet: We are one of few coffee roasters using a fully electric machine. Electric roasting reduces greenhouse gas emissions by almost 50% compared to traditional gas roasting. On top of that, we are currently carbon offsetting all of the electricity we use to roast, grind, and brew our coffee. But we know this isn't the final solution. The long term dream is to operate a fully solar café and roastery. Every bag of coffee purchased helps get us one step closer to that goal.

For Our Farmers: We are meticulous about the beans we purchase, and making sure our farming partners make a living wage. This involves extensive research on economic and farming conditions on a country by country basis. We purchase direct trade from farmers as our primary



The best tasting coffee comes from freshly roasted beans. That's why our coffees are roasted small batch, right here in Springfield for you.



High-quality beans make high-quality coffee. We create great coffee sustainably by purchasing high-quality beans and paying their worth. This means helping farmers earn enough to provide for their families. When farmers thrive, so do we.



Training and research are at our core. We want everyone to get the most from our coffee. We offer training and instruction to our team and community. As we research and learn, we'll bring knowledge to the community so everyone can have a better cup of coffee.

Meet the Team

Jacob Dinardo - Owner/Bean Boss

A life-long coffee drinker, Jacob is the owner/operator of Arrowroot. His first memory of coffee is helping his grandma make a fresh pot on Sunday mornings. Since then, Jacob dove head first into the world of specialty coffee. He spends his time trying different brew methods, researching facts about different coffee origins and processing methods, and being a general coffee nerd. Outside of work, Jacob enjoys playing trading card games, making music and spending time outdoors with his family.

Lauren Masten - Barista/Oat Milk Aficionado

Lauren joined the team in the summer of 2021. In addition to helping out behind the espresso bar, Lauren is a full time child and family therapist. She loves trying new flavor combinations of Oat Milk lattes and sharing them with the team. Outside of being an incredible barista, she loves advocating for sustainability. She enjoys volunteering at the Phoenix center, spending time in nature, and being home with her cats.

Ellie Monke - Barista/Good Vibes Enforcer

Ellie joined the team in the summer of 2023 and plans to continue serving coffee with us for as long as she can! At the farmers market when she isn’t making coffee orders she is curating the playlist, and keeping everyone dancing while they work. Outside of Arrowroot, Ellie enjoys reading, listening to music, and hanging with her friends and family. Her favorite Arrowroot coffee order is an iced lavender dream latte!